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  • Transference of Complexity

    Transference of Complexity

    Summary Programming languages have evolved in accessibility, complexity and readability in the past six decades. The overall internal complexity of a single software application has grown exponentially, while the amount of code lines written to achieve a specific end result has decreased. This naturally occurring transference of complexity brings about completely new kinds of problematic…

  • Javascript, Base64, PHP, UTF-8

    Javascript, Base64, PHP, UTF-8

    I’m working on a small application that communicates through JavaScript to a PHP script, and usually the data contains text in UTF-8 format to make everything as compatible as possible. The text in UTF-8 format doesn’t go too well into an AJAX call GET URL. So it has to be further encoded with an encoding…

  • Dashcode, part I

    Dashcode, part I

    As a regular Xcode user, I used to wonder a lot about Dashcode that comes bundled with it. At a first glance, it seemed like a workshop for osx dashboard widgets – which it is, but recently I learned it is a whole lot more. Sometimes there’s a need to build some small websites for…