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  • Numeric Value of (nothing) Is Zero

    Numeric Value of (nothing) Is Zero

    Background Part of what I do is software salvage. I’ve had the joy of working on bringing life back to abandoned codebases, extend them with new features, modernize services and translate software from obsolete programming languages, operating systems and frameworks. A frequent type of software modernization has risen with the slow tilt of the dinner…

  • Transference of Complexity

    Transference of Complexity

    Summary Programming languages have evolved in accessibility, complexity and readability in the past six decades. The overall internal complexity of a single software application has grown exponentially, while the amount of code lines written to achieve a specific end result has decreased. This naturally occurring transference of complexity brings about completely new kinds of problematic…

  • Out of the Box Software site is up

    The completely-renewed OOTB site is now up. You can find it either by clicking on a link in the sidebar (statement that might not be future-proof) or here:

  • Adding resizing and resizable subviews to NSView

    If you’re adding a subview programmatically, you may run into having to constantly set all the resizing behaviors and/or anchors manually when all you really want to do is fill the whole available area based on two options: “stretch me to fit this box” or “stretch this box so I can fit”. This happens especially…

  • Swift: as easy as 1, 2, 3…?

    Apple shook the developer community a few years ago with the release of Swift, a language that is “concise, expressive and lightning fast”. As a developer mainly working on Apple platforms, I decided to jump on it right away, trying to keep in mind there was going to be bumps in the road like there has been with any…