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  • Transference of Complexity

    Transference of Complexity

    Summary Programming languages have evolved in accessibility, complexity and readability in the past six decades. The overall internal complexity of a single software application has grown exponentially, while the amount of code lines written to achieve a specific end result has decreased. This naturally occurring transference of complexity brings about completely new kinds of problematic…

  • Compiling Pixar’s USD natively on Windows 11 / VS 2022

    If you’ve tried it, you’ve probably run into the endless catch-22 that is getting everything to behave when trying to compile the Universal Scene Description on a newly setup Windows machine. NOTE: if there’s any way for you to avoid this in your life, don’t look back, rejoice. Prerequisites You’ll need to install at least…

  • Out of the Box Software site is up

    The completely-renewed OOTB site is now up. You can find it either by clicking on a link in the sidebar (statement that might not be future-proof) or here:

  • Indeterminate progress is not progress

    The progress paradigm Before, you could open your computer, do your stuff, close it and enjoy life. Remember when loading a program, like a word processor, took a minute or more? Today’s applications and websites typically employ a model where there’s a backend process that either runs locally on the same machine or on a server somewhere.…