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  1. Hello! I’ve bought StopWatcher at App Store, and I’m really happy with its simplicity, it just does exactly what I need. However, when tracked time reached 99 minutes and then went up to 100 minutes, it went into weird bug:

    Now I have 131 minutes tracked (I just know it), but the display says “31:6019.8″. Maybe you could fix it, as the app is really good for its price. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you’re happy with the app. I’ll make sure the next version won’t go crazy with times over 99 minutes.
      I think I never tested it for that long of a period and never realized it can’t handle it.

      Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll be sending a redemption code for something your way, to compensate for the lost 100 minutes.

    1. Sorry to hear that!

      When you run the app, both the StopWatcher screen (showing 00:00:00) and an icon should appear in your System Tray in the top-right corner (a watch: ⌚️). If you’re not seeing one or the another, could you send details of your Mac OS version to the email stopwatcher (at) and let’s figure this out.

    1. Sorry, the way Keynote implements full-screen mode during a presentation, Stopwatcher will not stay on top of it.

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