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CARL is a complete retro analog synthesizer sequencer app!

Check out some of the amazing features above:


A complete sequencer!

  • Unlimited tracks
  • Piano roll editor for sequences
  • Copy / Paste / Duplicate
  • Tempo
  • Quantization controls
  • Track mute / solo

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.57.44 PM

Piano roll editor

  • Tracker editor!
  • Old school style tracker note entry and editing
  • Flexible resolution, non-destructive on-the-fly changes
  • Compatible with the sequence editor – auto-sync views
  • Arpeggio support without having to use 0xx effects

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.56.49 PMTracker editor

A complete analog-style synthesizer!carlsynth

  • Sin / Tri / Sqr / Saw / Noise / SPS* waveforms
  • Attack / Release
    Polyphony / Monophonic arp wavetable
  • Unison / Drum / FM modes
  • Three routing options (add / mult / mult+add)
  • Parametric vibrato
  • Balance / Volume controls
  • Preset save / load / export / import

* SPS, Starfield Parallax Synthesizer, is a sound produced by a shifting waveform that’s generated by a moving parallax star field.

…and more!

  • Input / output support!
  • MIDI live play / record
  • Keyboard play / record
  • Export song to .wav

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Any questions, bug reports, etc can be posted below as comments.

13 thoughts on “CARL

  1. Hi, I just bought your app on mac app store and when I whant to use it with my midi controller it doesn’t work. Every note I play still playng untill I use “play” or “stop”. It’s like if the sustain pedal was always open. But I don’t have any sustain pedal.

    1. Hi,

      Sorry to hear there are problems with the MIDI processing. To figure out what is going wrong, can you download the following app:

      Uncompress it and run the included .app – then, choose your MIDI input from the Preferences window. Now, you can play some notes, first separately, then a few at the same time, and copy the output from the text window and send by email (I sent you the address to yours).

      Also, if you can include the make and model of your keyboard, that’ll help as well.

      Meanwhile, I know it’s not the same, but the keyboard keys ZSXDCVGBHNJM play a lower octave and Q2W3ER5T6Y7U an upper octave. That way you’ll get started and the keys should at least not stick down like that.

      Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    2. This problem has most probably been fixed in CARL 1.0.2 – some MIDI controllers don’t send a MIDI Note Off message, instead they just send a new Note On event with a zero volume. CARL 1.0.2 now handles this as a Note Off event.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, let me know if there are other problems or if 1.0.2 doesn’t fix this for you.

    1. Thank you for your interest in CARL! I’m sorry but at the moment the App Store is the only source.
      If there is more interest in an alternate scheme, maybe some day, but right now there’s no other option. Sorry.

  2. where can I get it? there is no download link or shop page or anything? does it even exist? Why cant you put link to this page? ‘Go to Product page’ only takes me to this page.

  3. Hi,

    is it possible to control my external synth with your application? In the description on the appstore it says that midi out is supported but I didn’t manage to work it out.


    1. Hi,

      Currently what is supported is playing and recording from a MIDI input – output is not yet supported, but I’ll put that down as a requested feature.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply.
        The description on the Appstore is misleading because it says Input / output support. What is meant with output other than Midi-Out?
        Is there a way to receive back the money?


        1. Hi Manuel,

          The App Store description does not mention MIDI Out at any point. The section for Input / Output mentions MIDI as a method for playing and recording the notes (which is the primary input method of CARL). All features are exactly like laid out in the description – actually some are even left out.

          I’m sorry if you felt that the description was misleading. You may take your matter to Apple if you feel like applying for a refund. There are articles online on how to do that, for example this:

          Also, feel free to add a comment in App Store.

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